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10songspodcast asked: Hey there, my name is Clare. I'm producing a podcast that hopes to document the making of a real album with input from a range of talented people, taking a look at the process from writing to distribution. We're based in Ireland but want to reach out to an international audience and create a network where people can contribute, learn and discuss the brilliant process of making music. We just starting out so every like, follow, share or comment (good or bad) is great appreciated. Thank you!

Hey Clare, I’d be happy to help make your podcast amazing!

I’m currently producing an album for a hip-hop artist in the US and we are getting ready to launch it. It took over 8 months to complete the recordings and only 10 out of the 30 songs made the cut for the album.

Shoot me an email and lets chat


Literal rock band icons by design group Tata & Friends - see how many you can name before reading the title.


Orange Blossom Yogurt Panna Cotta


500ml Cream

150ml Honey

1/2 Vanilla Bean

250ml Greek Yogurt

10g Gelatine

75ml Water

1T Orange Blossom Water


1) Pour cream and honey into a 1-2qt sized pot and scrape the vanilla pod in.

2) Wisk to combine and heat over med-high heat until it just starts to boil. Then set aside until the liquid is cool enough to touch it.

3) While you are waiting on the stove, mix the water into the gelatine, let rest 5min, and then heat in microwave for 10sec intervals, stirring each time and DON’T BOIL.

4) Add the yogurt in a 2qt+ sized bowl and gently wisk in the cooled cream mixture

5) Followed by the gelatine

6) and the orange blossom water. 

7) Pour 125-187ml directly into chilled glasses through a funnel and then right back into the fridge. Let set 2-4 hours. Setting depends on season, chilling of fridge, and temp of mixture when poured into glass. It is fully set when the center won’t break when the glass is tilted sideways. 


Top your Panna Cotta with a crushed seasonal fruit and nuts or seeds. I top the one in the photo with crushed Strawberries and Macadamia nuts.

Other good combos are: Peach and Pistachio, Blackberry, cooked quinoa, and crushed meringues, or Apricots and almonds. You want to add a sweet/tart fruit and a crunchy nut, seed, grain, or candy. 


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